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July/August 2008

osbornsEvery January my husband and I have the same conversation, “Where shall we go on holiday this year” and we always come back to the same decision - Turkey. We had our first holiday in Turkey in the summer of 2000, when our daughter was 8 and we had one of the best holidays ever. This year was our 5th visit and our 3rd to Calis Beach. In between we’ve done the usual hot spots of Spain, Majorca and Greek Islands and I can honestly say we’ve had our best holidays in Turkey, so now we just stick with what we know and so far we’ve never been disappointed.

Calis is a very safe resort, frequented by families and couples. The locals have made huge improvements over the past 3 years to the infrastructure, without affecting its wonderful ambience. I would describe Calis as bustling but low key. It has many fine restaurants along the beach front, serving all sorts of food for very reasonable prices. I can’t think of anything better than spending an evening in good company, enjoying good food and a glass of wine, while watching the most spectacular Sunset. In previous visits, we have rented private villas but this year we decided to stay at one of the small hotels in Calis, to give us a bit more social life. Our daughter and her friend who are in their teens, were looking for a bit more interaction and freedom. We had heard about Dr John and the Caretta from fellow holiday makers and friends. We also knew from our own experiences that everything we were hearing was probably true. The Turkish people are probably the friendliest, most accommodating people we have ever met and they have a wicked sense of humour. Whatever you want is never too much trouble and if it’s not on the menu they will go out of their way to get it for you. This is an absolute blessing if you have fussy children. My daughter is a vegetarian and taking her on holiday can be a nightmare, but not in Turkey. The abundance of fresh produce, meze and vegetarian dishes is a joy. And if the kids are happy, then everyone is happy.

Staying at the Caretta was so much fun and we would have no hesitation in returning. The hotel is a short walk from the beach and main resort. Dr John and his wife Mary made us very welcome and took very good care of us. Having stayed in Calis many times we knew our way around, but if it is your first visit than Dr John will help you discover the many wonderful things to do and see in the area. The staff at Caretta are very friendly and always attentive and ready to help. I think Mehmet – the barman must sleep behind the bar because he was always there. We also enjoyed some fine evening meals at the hotel and John and Mary recommended some local dishes which were not on the menu but were delicious. The last night of our holiday coincided with their Turkish night. We have been to many Turkish nights on previous holidays but none to match the fun we had at the Caretta. The friendly atmosphere at the hotel is infectious and as a result, all the guests get along and we made many friends who we will probably bump into again next year.

As always, I never want to leave Turkey and the girls were in tears when it was time to go. There was non-stop talk about their next trip - without the grown-ups. Not sure if John & Mary are quite ready for that, but at least I wouldn’t have to worry about them.

The Osborns

Been going to Caretta for 9 years now. Started going for just a week but soon got to know the owners Mary & John and then decided to start going for longer. As soon as we arrive we are made to feel part of the family.

We have seen many changes that have been done to the apartment, bar and pool area. The atmosphere is great something that you would not get in other apartments and hotels in the area, everyone is so friendly and loves to help out. If you have any problems the staff are always around to help you out. Mary & John go out of their way to make you feel welcome, arrange excursions and take you up mountains for lunch and day trips.

Also, its a lovely feeling getting of the plane and seeing a friendly face their to greet you and take you to the apartments, where you are greeted by more friendly faces.

Angie, Mick & Family