Caretta Apart Hotel has been a family business since 1995. “Doctor” John is a retired biochemist specialist and his wife Mary is a retired French teacher. They have two sons, Onur lives with his wife Marla in San Francisco. He works with computers and is an engineer. Their youngest son, Cem, graduated with a degree in tourism in Istanbul. He works with the family. The newest member of the family is Sunny. He is an adorable Golden Retriever. He is very playful and is the official mascot of the hotel.


John and Mary are very friendly and hospitable hosts. The hotel has a family-like feel and their guests come back year after year. The hotel’s atmosphere is very comfortable and is well-suited for families. John and Mary help organize special trips so their guests of all ages can enjoy special Turkish activities, culture and food. Guests spend their holiday either relaxing by the pool or exploring the beautiful Mediterranean coast. They welcome you to spend your holiday at Caretta Apart Hotel, your home away from home.